Arcade ROM Heaven - Where all good ROM's are laid to rest

Well not a lot left these days of the website I started back on the 30th of November 1998. Back in the day when I was into arcade emulation and MAME was king this site rocked. Some 50k page views per day and a lot of good memories and friends made. Then I got knifed in the back from someone I brought onto MAMEDEV and that was it, I'd had enough of the scene.

You can still get my Bubble Bobble FAQ from here (although someone has probably taken it over and claimed it as there own work), written lovingly before MAME even emulated it, the days when you used to play games by hand with no cheats, all knowledge in the FAQ gained from playing Bubble Bobble, the greatest arcade game EVER (well that is my opinion) Sadly I no longer own any arcade machines, no Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Islands boards anymore either.

These days my focus has changed and you can find me riding my road bike with friends, playing poker online and offline with friends, and living in the world of facebook with real and imaginary friends and family :), drop by and say hi if you want anytime.

Gareth (guru-choc) Hall